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Oz Vehadar presents home building projects in Tsfat, Israel. Safed Gates is situated 3 minutes, and Meron View 7 minutes, walking distance from the old city.
The location is surrounded by beautiful greenery and seemingly endless mountains. Tsfat's reputation is famous and unique for its calm and relaxing atmosphere together with the holiness that surrounds it.
Therefore, many people are very attracted to the city, as well as its affordability. New housing projects in Tsfat is a recent concept. For many years, Tsfat's uniqueness has always attracted visitors and people who search to buy close to the old city and it has never been easily possible due to the unstable foundations. Today, we are giving you the comfort and luxury of having a new home, built with the most modern methods, grounded and strong, close to the old city of Tsfat with the opportunity to walk in the pathways, pray and learn in those synagogues which Tzaddikim and Kabbalists used to live and thrive.

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POB 1388, SAFED 13101 ISRAEL Tel. (972)-4-6922336 Fax (972)-4-6974113 Toll-free number: 1 877 394 6120 (Israeli time)
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